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→ Sep 2011

One thing I aboslutely hate is nearly every one’s misconceptions about online school. I went to a private Catholic school for freshman and sophomore year. I got sick of the asshole administration, it was too expensive and I really wanted out. Instead of just going to public school, I chose online school so I can work at my own pace (i.e super fast in English, slow as a turtle in Math). 

I did online school last year for the first time as a junior and I am continuing to do it this year as a senior. I love it. I don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn, I can work however slow or fast as I like, and I don’t have to deal with annoying morons in my class distracting me.

However, there’s two things that people are wrong about with online school. 

"Oh, do you miss socializing?" Um excuse me? Do I miss socializing? Like I sit in my house 24/7 365/yr and do nothing else? Please. I see my friends from my old school practically every day when they get out of school. We’ll meet up at the library or Barnes & Noble and just hang out or do our schoolwork. On the weekends, we’ll find something fun to do. I know kids that go to regular school, talk to no one the whole day and go home to their parents and don’t hang out with anyone outside of school. They’re the ones not socializing, not me. They do not interact at all despite being in a “social environment”.  I have become even more involved with volunteer work since doing online school and became a reading buddy at the local library. I interact with the young kids and help them read. Schoolwork takes the least amount of time in my day. Instead of wasting 6 hours doing barely nothing in regular school, I can get alot of work done in an hour or so without any disruptions like changing classes or the teacher screaming. So if you think I’m sitting in my dark room staring at a computer screen all day, you are highly mistaken. 

"It’s not graded as tough as regular school" I just love when I told my friend my grades for last year and she goes “Well…it’s graded differently than us”. So are you saying me getting all A’s in every class is only because the grading system is easier? Please. I still got all A’s when I went to regular school so that has nothing to do with it. The grading system might be slightly different, but my workload is not easier. I still have midterms, finals, research papers, hard assigments etc. I’m working just as hard as you, maybe even harder since I don’t have time to goof off in between classes. 

Doing online school takes a lot of self discipline. A lot of people (my brother included) would just sit around and watch TV all day. I made myself a set schedule so I’m not wasting time doing nothing. I wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed and start my day. Most people are surprised when they see how seriously I take this. They don’t realize that I don’t look at online school as an easy way out, I look at it as an alternative way of learning. I’m still learning, just in a different way. 

Easiest way to piss me off is to say one of the two things I mentioned above. More people should be educated on what online school is really like instead of making assumptions. 

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